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Author/Email/URL: Breathe / no email / no url
Posted on: 2003-12-16
Message: Blessed be to both of you. May your marriage be joyous and outlast us all. :)

Author/Email/URL: Samantha Ballard / /
Posted on: 2003-12-08
Message: What a great site! So impressive :)I will send you pictures of the kissing ball as soon as I get them from our photographer. Congratulations! -Samantha

Author/Email/URL: TMW (Mark) / / no url
Posted on: 2003-12-08
Message: Congratulations to both of you, and my very best wishes for the 'big day' and your future happiness!

And from a more geeky perspective a big thumbs up on the site, an excellent execution of nice idea!

Author/Email/URL: U4ea / /
Posted on: 2003-12-08
Message: Great site! Makes me look forward to mine a little more! :)
Best of luck to you both and remember that weddings are supposed to be fun. You'll start forgetting that somewhere around April...or at least, that's what they tell me... :)

Author/Email/URL: Deirdra Harris / /
Posted on: 2003-12-08
Message: I'm so happy you've found your bliss, girlie, even if I only know you as pixels and text.

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